Gobright Adds Purple Light To Indicate Shared Workstations Need Cleaning

As digital signage and workplace technology companies pivot to develop solutions for the challenges brought on by a global health crisis, they’re working with things like thermal scanners and dispensers that were rarely part of normal, or any, projects.

The Dutch firm Gobright, which focuses on workplace tech, has debuted an interesting new solution that is all about office hygiene, notably desks that are shared.

Little LED lights attached to desks and monitors in shared work environments have already been marketed by companies and deployed to indicate whether a “hot desk” is booked or available, using red and green. Now Gobright has a purple light that indicates that a workstation needs cleaning.

Gobright laid out the idea and process in a marketing email blast:

  • Check the availability of a desk, from your home, and book the right desk in advance.
  • When you finished working and you leave the desk, the Connect and Glow turn purple.
  • Purple means the desk needs to be cleaned by a cleaner.
  • After cleaning, the cleaner swipes the desk ‘clean’ with his/her NFC/RFID card.
  • The Connect and Glow return to their normal modus; the Available status green.
  • Now, the desk is ready to use and bookable again.

Again, not really digital signage, but any solutions company going after the workplace communications market will want to have solutions that address problems. Meeting room signs were a big problem, and CMS companies jumped on it with their own versions of solutions. 

This is not its own thing, but when people start going back into offices, this sort of thing (as well as central screens that notify cleaners and locate cleaned desks for staffers), will be a customer “ask”.