Freshwater Digital Launches Access Control, Screening Technologies

May 11, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Grand Rapids, MI-based solutions provider Freshwater Digital has added pandemic-prompted digital access control and temperature scanning technology to its range of services.

Many tweaks of Chinese solutions have emerged on the market, but Freshwater appears to have come up with something homegrown, more customized,  and, arguably, more visible than the tablets on stands and counters that have found their way to my email inbox the last few weeks.
The company says it “partnered with local AV integration companies, kiosk manufactures, and several other industry-leading partners to provide several options to fit nearly every budget and need. These options include, but are not limited to, templated content messaging, touchscreen questionnaires, and temperature scanning technology.”
“We’re experiencing significant demand after an initial release on our social media channels and website. We hope to provide this solution to increase workplace and retail safety for our transition back to the new normal,” says COO Jon Dodge.
Freshwater says it has also created a packaged solution that includes a wide variety of custom templates for communicating to audiences while they wait on the screening procedures. These templates will include the following:
  • Symptoms to monitor
  • Thank you messaging
  • Ways to help your local community
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Procedure & inventory updates for customer-facing networks
I have noted a few times that this sort of thing is emerging as a near-mandatory product for any solutions provider that works with retailers or other customers who need to communicate with shoppers or members of the public, or with their own staff. In a budget-constrained, somewhat freaked-out marketplace, you want to be selling stuff that solves immediate problems and has the characteristics of a need-to-have.
I would not want to selling “nice-to-have” technology right now.
  1. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Nice work Matt Downey and Jon Dodge! Keep up the good work and it will definitely be interesting to see how this trend can continue to make digital signage more of a necessity.

  2. When it comes to solutions the FWD team is always on point. No surprise that Fresh Water Digital has laid an innovative path for its customers in order to meet today’s challenges and those of tomorrow.

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