FWI Exec 3D-Printing Ventilator Splitters For Denver Hospitals To Aid COVID-19 Fight

April 30, 2020 by Dave Haynes

A recent post recognized the efforts of a Four Winds Interactive staffer making face shields with the help of his 3D printer.

Here’s an executive colleague who is using his own 3D printer to knock out little gizmos that split up the oxygen feed from ventilators, so one unit (I assume) can help two COVID-19 ICU patients.

Reports FWI:

In the fight against hashtagCOVID19, Aaron Bach, SVP of Software Development, has crafted & distributed over 200 ventilator splitters to local hospitals & healthcare facilities. Thank you, Aaron, for taking the time to provide necessary resources to those on the front lines—it’s an enormous contribution!

Another staffer is making jewelry and donating half the sale proceeds to the United Way, which assists a pile of programs, including food banks and school lunch and breakfast programs.

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