Montreal’s Vif Communication Building Own Digital Signage Screen And Sanitizer Combo

April 28, 2020 by Dave Haynes

In the last few weeks, I have noticed several companies in a variety of countries – from Israel to here in Canada – reading the marketplace and starting to market screens that are paired with a hand sanitizer dispenser.

I don’t know if it is one or several manufacturers, but the design seems to have a lot of takers.

A Montreal company is also doing the screen-sanitizer thing, but Vif Communication decided to design and manufacture its own. I asked company founder Benoit Johnson why …

“We decided to design and make a local product (except for screen and PC-player) for few reasons,” he told me via email.
“As we are developing a product for the next three to five years, it’s feared that supply problems could arise, for various health, political, economic or other reasons.”
“Designing our own increased our capacity to adapt the kiosk to specific needs of each client (digital options like a bar code reader, notification, counting people). It is easier for us to modify, here in Canada, the cabinet or the entire kiosk, if needed,” he adds.
Johnson also thinks there will be a strong buy-local focus from companies and governments as we come out of this viral mess and things to start to re-open and re-build.
“Finally, the biggest challenge that we actually encountered on this development work,” he says, “was finding a contactless nozzle for the gel/liquid.”
The screen is a bit bigger than the ones coming out of China. There are two access panels – the top for the electronics (screen and PC) and bottom for four litres (about a gallon) of liquid or gel.
Vif has its own CMS software.

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