Keeping Hospitals Organized With The Help Of Digital Signage Technology

April 27, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Guest Post: Baran Türko?lu, Admuuv

Baran Turkoglu

Baran Turkoglu

Hospitals are complicated structures consisting of multi-area departments. It is important to keep areas such as examination rooms, doctors’ floors, operating theaters and 24/7 emergency rooms all organized, and digital signage is a key to that effort.

It is essential to observe efficiency in all areas from the corridors of the hospital to the patient beds. It is possible to increase productivity in all units of the hospital by taking the advantages of digital signage technology. With the correct screen positioning and correct content strategy, it is ensured that the hospital uses its full potential, and patients are offered these opportunities from the entrance to the area they want to reach.

In this article, we will examine where digital signage should be used in the hospital.

Entrance Door

As soon as patients, visitors and even staff step into the front entrance of your hospital, they must be greeted with a digital signage that promotes the hospitals’ values. Patients should be confident that they enter the healing and care place. This is an area where you can highlight your intentions for their well-being and indicate that your hospital is committed to treating them and improving their health.

Videos of doctors and nurses who perform their duties and control patients should be shown to give guests and patients the idea that they or their loved ones will be cared for.

Lobby Area

Once patients and visitors enter your lobby, they need to know where to go. Digital signage screens come into play here. With digital maps with detailed instructions on how to get from the lobby to the destination, patients will not get lost in the maze of corridors and doors at your healthcare facility.

As a result, your corridors will be less congested, patients will make their doctor’s appointments more consistent, and they will have a happier overall experience without loss.

You should also transfer the promotional content to the digital signage screens of your lobby; Consider newly added services, off-campus services, and third-party marketing. Visitors should be notified where they can pick up last-minute flowers, such as cafes, cafeterias, and gift shops. Promotions and third-party ads help increase revenue that you can make good use of your facility in other ways.


It is ideal for placing digital signage screens above eye level along the corridors of your building to find directions, display information, and inform patients and staff about events or events in real time.

In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency throughout the building, timely and organized action is critical for everyone at the facility. Instructions on what to do and where to go should be ready to go live on digital signage screens as soon as possible.

Waiting Areas

Waiting for an indefinite period to be seen by the doctor sounds like torture when you are not feeling well. Relieve patients with a clearly displayed estimated waiting time that allows them to know how long to wait. With this setup, patients will be less irritable, receptionists and health unit coordinators will be less blocked and things will run more smoothly on a regular basis.

Entertaining patients while waiting also has a direct impact on their overall satisfaction. Demonstrating informative and educational content on digital signage screens has a positive effect on the psychology of patients, and they acquire basic information about their special situations or general health problems.

Emergency Rooms

Needless to say, efficiency and timing are very important in Emergency, so digital signage screens should be applied to make the process run faster. With digital signage, internal communication will be strengthened by giving necessary information to doctors, nurses and staff when and when needed. Easy access to important information can be the difference between life and death.


With digital signage displays, use as menu boards in your hospital cafeteria to meet the customer’s needs. Products can be updated in seconds, including price changes, stock notifications and specialties. New items can be highlighted with pictures and videos to attract people. When the approximate waiting times are shown on the digital signage screens of your waiting area, patients can have a meal before seeing their doctor or specialist.

About The Writer

Baran Turkoglu is a Co-Founder of Admuuv that helps companies and marketers to control their screens remotely.Before that he took part in different startups in field of digital marketing. Admuuv is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


  1. Marty Durksen says:

    What about BEFORE you enter the hospital? Parking garages, sidewalk, outside the front door.

  2. Burhan Tutan says:

    Of course, outside of the hospital is important too. But, if you want to have a bright and sharp view on the screens, then you have to increase your budget for it.

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