Research Suggests Massive Shift In Daily Routines

April 23, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is research out of Australia, but given we’re almost all under similar restrictions, the data about changed routines is relevant to most locales. 

The research, involving some 250,000 residents Down Under, suggests fitness and entertainment venues have taken the biggest hit in this pandemic. It also provides big indicators of what else people are either not doing, or doing far less.

The scary thing, I’m sure, for operators like gyms and workout studios is several weeks of people doing alternative workouts at home or outside may see at least some of them realize maybe they don’t need a gym membership when things normalize.

On the other hand, working at home and staying in at night means people are eating a pile of junk and comfort food – which means when the contagion either goes away or a vaccine approved and circulated, a lot of people will look in the mirror and say, “Oh dear …”

What does all this mean for digital signage and DOOH? It suggests those businesses that 1) may be in the biggest financial trouble and therefore down the prospect/vertical target list, and/or 2) the types of business that will have the highest needs for visual messaging that  attracts customers and informs/calms them about important issues like sanitizing equipment, distancing and food-handling.


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