I’m Fine, We’re Fine

April 20, 2020 by Dave Haynes

I have had a bunch of emails overnight and this morning from industry friends who know I now live in Nova Scotia, but don’t know much else about the province.

They were asking because a man killed 16 people, including an RCMP officer (and mom) on the weekend, in a rampage that stretched across several locations and hours.

It went down hours away from where we live, though the now-dead assailant lived about 30 minutes away in Dartmouth – on the other side of the harbor from Halifax.

We’re fine, but as you might imagine, a place that is universally known for its friendliness has been rattled to the core. The shred of good news is that while this place and country are not immune to these sorts of things, it remains rare, and the general reaction is “Oh my God!” and not “Oh God, another one.”

Editorial cartoon by the consistently brilliant Michael de Adder, a Halifax resident.

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