Diversified Partners With Aurora On VitalSign COVID-19 Screening Display Kit

April 20, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The big NJ-based AV integrator Diversified tends to sell expertise and services, and re-sell gear, but in the face of a public and private landscape changed by COVID-19, has started marketing a branded physical product tuned to health safety.

Diversified has debuted – FocalPoint – VitalSign – an Android tablet with Diversified support that has an integrated thermal sensor designed initially for delivering simple pass/fail notifications based on an individual’s body temperature.

The VitalSign gear is a product extension of the company’s relatively new digital signage as a service offer called  FocalPoint.

The pitch: The VitalSign body temperature check kiosk provides alerts when a person is running a high temperature within one second and from three feet away. Add this extra layer of safety to your facilities today for the protection of your employees, partners and clients.

The tablet(s) are from Aurora Multimedia, which is in turn getting them in a partner with the Chinese manufacturer GloryStar.

It is very clear that when restrictions are relaxed, and offices, shops and public spaces gradually re-open, how we do things and mitigate health safety risks will be different and new. If you are in the digital signage industry or think about customer experience, it’s wise to be thinking about new norms and how what you do fits.

This is a good example of a company looking ahead and marketing a solution to a problem, which is going to resonate much more than solutions looking for problems. Eye candy/gimmick tech is going to generate very little excitement and interest. Tech that makes people feel better about hygiene and their health risks is a good thing, though from what I have heard and read, people with COVID-19 might not even be running a fever but are at risk of spreading the contagion that’s hit them.

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