Acquire Digital’s Design Head Using His 3D Printer To Knock Out Surgical Mask Straps

April 20, 2020 by Dave Haynes


The Head of Design at Acquire Digital in Leicester, UK (my EPL team, go Foxes!) is a self-confessed 3D printing geek and has been using his spare time at home to make adjustable mask straps for frontline National Health Service staff.

The little printed straps have hooks that allow doctors, nurses and other workers who need masks for long shifts to wear them without developing pain behind the ears. Normally, surgical masks use human ears as the built-in strap hooks.

Tom Satchwell got the template online, replicating what is being done by others with 3D printers around the world. 3D printers are also being used by volunteers like Satchwell to make part of the component design for face shields and nasal swabs.

CMS software company Acquire has also instituted a program called Time To Talk Tuesdays that gets staffers together in virtual meetings just to re-connect, given many abruptly went from working in one office as a time to all being isolated.

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