BrightSign VP Holland Running PPE Mask Drive For Bay Area Hospitals

April 17, 2020 by Dave Haynes

And here’s another great story of an industry person personally pitching in to help out in the midst of the pandemic.

Many, many people will know Ann Holland, the VP of Marketing for BrightSign. She’s a busy person, but has still found the time to organize a drive to get cloth PPE masks to staffers at hospitals in the San Francisco Bay area. BrightSign is in Silicon Valley.

Holland has already donated more than 250 masks and put together a GoFundMe campaign that has raised roughly $7,400.

Says Holland: “We couldn’t possibly make $7,400 worth of cloth masks in time, so we found a connection in China, and are expecting 9,000 three-ply surgical masks today or tomorrow, which I’ll also personally donate/deliver to our amazing health-workers. 

The 100% cotton masks are made from a pattern that covers the whole face from side to side and chin to nose, which is the CDC’s recommendation.  They are being made by a team in Tucson, AZ.

The masks, the GoFundMe page says, cost approximately $3.50 – $5 each after materials, labor, and shipping, and of course we will donate these to health workers at no charge. Many counties are now asking the public to wear masks when entering a space where 6 ft. of social distancing may not be possible – like a grocery store – so you can also buy a mask for $15 and we will make 3, one for you and two to donate.

Anybody can help! In addition to needing donations to cover production costs, we are also asking for any connections to organizations that are in need of masks. We will start with health workers, but if supply and funding is there, we will expand to fire fighters, police, grocery store checkers, UPS drivers. 100% of all funds raised will be donated to help protect those who are serving us at this time.

Well done, and thank you, Ann (and her friends).

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