Airtame Offers Free Subscription, Extensions And Content Design For COVID-hit Customers

April 8, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The Danish firm Airtame – which has a software and hardware solution for screen sharing and digital signage – has tweaked its subscriptions to help business and schools through the pandemic.

The company’s core product is a software-driven dongle – that looks like a Chromecast – that enables screen sharing but also functions as a digital signage solution.

To help with companies who have been forced to change the way they operate, and seeing revenues drying up, the Copenhagen company has done a few things:

Made its Airtame Cloud Plus service free through May, and “extending all contracts for existing Cloud Plus users to June 1st 2021, providing additional access to Airtame Cloud Plus, for free.”

This way, customers who are currently using Airtame Cloud Plus features can continue to do so for the next little while, for free. And those who are working from home or pausing work altogether have some extra breathing room. It might also be a good time to test out Cloud Plus and get familiar with the features so that when things do eventually go back to normal, you’re ready to utilize the platform.

Offered free design assistance for digital signageAlthough a large number of people across the globe are forced to remain at home for the foreseeable future, we can see from our use-data that a large number of our devices are still in use.

While some of us are able to work from home, many must still report for duty every morning. Even during these testing times.

Schools in countries that are yet to be severely affected by COVID-19 are also still open. Some are even open in countries that are.

For Airtame, the safety and wellbeing of these people is paramount, which is why we’re offering a range of free services to help communicate safety messages across their organizations.

If you are in need of COVID-19-related design assistance, please help yourself by doing one of the following three things:

1. Use our Standard Safety Digital Signage Template
Firstly, you can set this URL on your Airtame devices, and use our Standard Safety Digital Signage Template across your screens.

2. Edit and use our Standard Safety Digital Signage Template
If you like the look of our safety slides, but want to add some information or tweak it to suit the safety practices in your organization, you can download the slides here and chop and change them as you wish.

3. Customized design help
Finally, we’re offering up free design help for those of you who have custom digital signage requests. To get hold of our design team, please send your request to (including COVID-19 design help in the subject), and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I don’t really know this platform, but at ISE (back in the old days when there were trade shows and people travelled), there were numerous companies offering products that bridged things like screen sharing to signage applications.

It is likely these solutions are a little on the simple side, but it is also more than likely that in a lot of cases – like workplaces – simple messaging is all that’s needed, wanted or will ever get executed.

For every company that wants to get DEEP into visualizing KPIs and triggering messaging based on real-time data, there are others that just want to congratulate Katie on getting engaged, or Bob for closing that deal with ACME Hydroponics.

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