22 Miles Offers Free Mobile Wayfinding App For Pandemic-Struck Healthcare Industry

April 8, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The wayfinding-centric digital signage CMS firm 22Miles has announced a set of offers aimed at helping organizations in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is making a mobile wayfinding app available free of charge to all hospitals, clinics and testing centers:

  • The App is accessible in a simple web URL that anyone can easily access;
  • Each of your organization sites would get a dedicated link as below: http://h5preview.22miles.com/v4/bin/C6E9D8AD561B7EC3/
  • 22Miles can customize the link to your domain name;
  • We recommend adding a link to this tool on your website, which is the only thing your IT will need to do;
  • We, 22Miles and volunteers, will work on all content, setup and hosting;
  • If you prefer to edit your own content, you have the option of using the 22Miles tools to manage content;
  • All software, tools, hosting and labor are FREE for combating COVID-19.
Separately, 22 Miles is offering up a desktop notification tool free of charge, through July,  to any industry organization that has 100 or more employees working from home.
It also has established what it calls a 3+3+3 program for existing clients in the hospitality, education, and especially healthcare industries.
  1. We will offer three free months of extended support and hosting;
  2. We will also defer any invoices due during this time period for an additional three months;
  3. We are extending these terms to the three industries mentioned above.

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