Scenarios And Actions For Industry Operators Coming Out Of COVID-19

April 6, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Munich-based digital signage consultancy invidis shared some presentation material it developed recently that looks at the business impacts of the pandemic, breaking it down to six scenarios.

The charts look at different scenarios, recommended actions and verticals they apply to.

The idea is that different things will likely happen for different types of companies and verticals as the pandemic slows and (hopefully) goes away. Restaurants will come back, though not al of them, and operate in much the same way, while other kinds of verticals like airlines, rail services and their hubs may be very different after all this.

If you are a vendor or solutions provider, this is the time to be thinking about your key customers, and talking to them (not hard-selling them) about how things will look and operate after this is over. 

When we come out of lockdown, it’s not going to a return to the way things were, and people will be walking up to and into a lot of shops, offices, clinics and terminals apprehensive and field with questions. Displays in the right places, loaded with messaging that speaks to those people and their questions, will be invaluable.

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