Hypersign Launches New All-In Digital Signage As A Service, Or DSaas

April 2, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Spartanburg, SC’s Hypersign has read its market and put together a business bundle it calls DSaas, which is short for Digital Signage as a service.

The bundled program, which seems to be coming up more and more in digital signage (see Planar from Wednesday for another variation on this), allows end-users to put everything they need into a budget-friendly OpEx monthly payment.”

Says the PR for the company, which does a lot of work in education and healthcare:

DSaas is enhanced by Hypersign’s comprehensive turn-key packages. Meaning, hardware, software, installation services, warranties, maintenance packages, and creative services can all be financed within one package.

Below is a full list of all products and services available through DSaaS:

DSaaS also provides benefits to organizations beyond the initial purchase. For example, this solution allows organizations to better plan for device lifecycles, while easing burden on IT teams through integrated maintenance and updates. Another advantage is improved agility by scaling devices to match business needs through hardware updates. Finally, when the term has ended Hypersign ensures full data erasure of all player devices to maintain security.

“The greatest challenge for customers when deploying a large digital signage rollout is the overall costs of the capital equipment and services,” reasons Hypersign founder Neil Willis. “This becomes a serious inhibitor to moving forward for some organizations. We are happy to provide a solution to overcome that barrier and allow more businesses to utilize digital signage so that their customers, employees, and vendors can benefit from it.” 

Hypersign sells mainly through its AV/IT distributors, resellers, and integrators.

This all-in notion has been around for many years – designed as a workaround for companies who want to get around delays brought on by capital budget cycles, or just flat avoid trying to get capital budget approvals by making the whole thing an operating expense that comes from a different budget bucket.

It also resonates with companies who want signage but really want to spend as little time as necessary sorting out suppliers and then dealing with them. Single-sourcing makes them happy.

Hypersign is working with PNC Bank on the finance end, and Planar (see 2nd paragraph) is a display supplier in this bundled arrangement.

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