STRATACACHE CEO Chris Riegel On The Digital Signage Industry’s State And Prospects In Pandemic Times

April 1, 2020 by Dave Haynes

These are some of the oddest, craziest, scariest moments many of us have ever experienced.

If you’re sick, you’ll hopefully recover quickly.

But the global economy is now very much under the weather, so to speak, and it is not at all clear when it will get better. Businesses are shuttered and many won’t open again, or if they do, they’ll probably come back in a different way.

The digital signage and digital out of home sectors are hit just like everything else, and this virus is going to take out companies the way it is indiscriminately taking out 100s and 1,000s of people.

I wanted to spend some of  the next few episodes talking to smart industry people about what they’re hearing and seeing, as well as what they’re doing.

First up is Chris Riegel, who runs what is now the STRATACACHE Group of Companies. We’ve spoken in the past, but I wanted to speak with Chris because he’s very smart, well-travelled and connected, and always has an ear to the ground.

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  1. That was a brilliant podcast. Thank you Dave and thanks you Chris.

    Stay safe guys.


  2. Tony Scott says:

    That was a really good podcast. It is going to be a very difficult time for the industry over the next few months. We are noticing a big uptick in interest in our Corporate Communications sector.

  3. Avi Michaeli says:

    Great Podcast which tells the current crisis times as it is.
    I think we’ll see a “no touch” retail screens, where people can see how cloths will look on them (AR tech), before trying them out- as well as huge Drive-thru shopping Malls and Supermarkets

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