Industry Associations Form Umbrella Group, Called ACE, To Raise Game For Connected Experiences

April 1, 2020 by Dave Haynes

A diverse set of organizations has banded together to create a cross-industry group that collectively wants to advise, educate and lead thinking and activities for connected digital experiences.

The new Advocates for Connected Experiences, or ACE, has a steering committee that includes members of the Digital Signage Federation, Geopath, OAAA, LBMA, SEGD, ICX Association and Retail TouchPoints.

ACE has been about five months in the works, and is the outcome  of a lot of thinking and talking about how to raise the level of conversation, education and action across a bunch of associations and companies involved in DOOH, retail and venue-based digital experiences.

Says ACE in its announcement:

“A commitment versus an organization, it was formed to bring ‘the connected experience’ ecosystem of influence together to advise, educate and lead on the most important topics from one voice.”

“Last Fall, during Digital Signage Week, a compelling comment was made during our Coffee and Controversy panel,” says Laura Davis-Taylor, Executive Board Member of the Digital Signage Federation. “Amy Avery, SVP of Analytics, Research and Insights at Bank of America, pointed out that the DOOH industry is not educating consumers, the press and the government on the good that can come from our efforts as a united front. The context was in relation to tracking policies, but the point hit home–there are key issues that we will not solve if we don’t come together on them.”

Former DSF chair Kim Sarubbi is now chairing ACE.  “Almost every industry today is facing unprecedented challenges, and we are no different. With that, however, comes opportunity. Due to IoT, consumer shifts and constantly evolving methods to connect with people as they go about their lives, we find ourselves navigating things we never saw coming. Many carry with them powerful potential for good, but require proper thought regarding public policy, standards and cultural acceptance. We can’t address them and steer them into use as well as the public spotlight unless we explore them from all angles–together, versus individually.”

Originally, ACE had planned to launch with revised cross-industry Place-Based Privacy Guidelines. But the frightening rise and spread of COVID19 prompted a pivot “as it became clear that uniting the industry’s talents and reach to support the efforts to subdue it was critical.”

Founding committee member, Fiona FitzGibbon of the UK’s Diversiffi Media, announced last week the creation of a global campaign built for any DOOH network to broadcast on screens to reinforce the Stay at Home instruction.

Joining forces with noted creative team John Dean & Gary Marjoram of Mullen Lowe London, to create eight brilliant, simple, witty but to the point messages, crafted to be transferable across the globe, aimed to stop the spreading of Coronavirus by sheltering in place,. To support ACE’s mission, creative assets are being shared for any DOOH network to broadcast at no cost.

Says Fitzgibbon: “Every official Dept tells us to stem the spread of the coronavirus we must stay at home, but the message isn’t getting through to everyone.  Whilst there are some fantastic campaigns supporting our frontline forces, there’s little consistent messaging.  This campaign is about awareness, it was created by amazing people, who have given their time on a pro bono based, that want to do something that can make a huge difference to the outcome of this pandemic. DOOH is the most powerful vehicle to get it out there–if someone sees it, chances are they need to get back inside. I’m grateful for everyone that joined together to create it, and urge our industry to amplify it loudly.”

There is no cost to join ACE, as all member organizations, people and contributors are committing their time and effort for the good of all involved.

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