New COVID-19 PSA Campaign Cleverly Reminds People It’s Not Great To See Each Other

March 30, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a terrific, super-simple media public service media campaign developed in the UK to steadily reinforce to people in the UK and globally to continue social distancing and stay at home unless they need to get out for essentials like groceries and medicine.

The campaign was organized by Fiona FitzGibbon, Founder of UK-based Diversiffi Media. She worked with creatives John Dean and Gary Marjoram at the agency MullenLowe to develop a  consistent set of messaging that will work across a variety of Digital Out of Home formats.

The spots are already live in the UK and parts of Europe, but the hope is that the campaign will go global.

Langan told Creative Brief:  “To make the impact and difference this campaign was intended for, we need to get more media operators involved across the UK and the world. Every country is facing the same issue. We need to act quickly to save more lives.”

To donate media space for the campaign, please contact Fiona at

She says of mediacos using the campaign:

The creative team are fairly relaxed, they have been designed with the text stacked & type leading to give the feeling of being confined, & in black & white as it is an informational & sombre message.  They are happy for resizing as long as we roughly keep to these guidelines

She can make the InDesign files if, for example, formats need to be added. I assume translations would also be helpful. 

This is a PDF with all the messaging:

“Overall,” she says, “media owners are free to display as many executions as they wish, they’re more effective when spread in a loop rather than back to back.”

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