InfoComm Cancelled, Next U.S. Show In June 2021 In Orlando

March 30, 2020 by Dave Haynes

InfoComm 2020 is the latest trade show to fall victim to the coronavirus outbreak, with the show not postponed by just flat cancelled for this year.


With concern for the health and safety of our exhibitors, attendees, partners and staff, the show management of InfoComm and the executive leadership of AVIXA have chosen to cancel the InfoComm 2020 show scheduled for June 13-19 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are currently considering new options to bring to life the engaging and educational experiences of the show in a number of different ways.

A show like InfoComm begins months before the first crate arrives with attendees arranging calendars, booking flights, and setting meetings. It begins with exhibitors launching marketing campaigns, committing to venues for events, designing their booths and coordinating dozens if not hundreds of staff calendars.

It also begins with our speakers and instructors spending countless hours honing their content and rehearsing. However, we were forced to make the painful choice to take away this gathering opportunity and return time, money and effort to our community, to be spent on sustaining each other through this trial, and to position all of the industry for recovery and resurgence.

We look forward to working with you over the coming months as the world responds to and then recovers from this crisis.  And we most sincerely look forward to seeing you at InfoComm 2021 in Orlando.

“We are grateful for each member of our AV community, from exhibitors and attendees to partners and committees. It is their commitment to the industry that makes InfoComm a success year-over-year, not just in North America but at shows all around the globe. It is that passion that will drive new opportunities to support one another and a new view in 2021.”

InfoComm 2021 is June 12-18, 2021 in Orlando, Florida.

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This is not at all surprising. Even IF things started getting back to normal by the end of May, the idea it would again be responsible and feasible to attract 40,000 or so people to congregate was not looking too sound.

I think it’s great that AVIXA is making the call now, given exhibitors some 10 weeks to cancel plans and re-tool marketing. That makes DSE in September the next digital signage focused event, 5.5 months out. 

Please, please let this be calmed down by then!!!

  1. Jim Chase says:

    I guess the 16:9 mixer will move to DSE as well – hopefully we’ll all get a chance to connect there. Stay safe, everyone!

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