Digital Signage Firms Expect 30% Hit From Pandemic’s Impact

March 27, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The feedback is in from a survey done in the last few days, asking people in North America and globally about their business sentiments in the midst of a pandemic. The business survey was organized by Munich-based invidis and relayed on this side of the Atlantic by the giant team at 16:9. OK, me …

Here’s what people said:

The survey suggests:

We asked how long respondents thought we’d be in a world of hurt, and found two main scenarios for a return to “business-as-usual”:

I have no real idea, but can’t imagine a swift return to normal unless a vaccine is developed and widely distributed a lot faster than is being suggested right now. This will somewhat go away, but the spread is starting in the southern hemisphere and could come back in late fall.

In terms of impacts, I think 30% is low. A lot of month to month subscription software companies are going to be wiped out, VERY unfortunately, and companies that operate on running contracts are going to get calls and emails from customers saying either we can’t pay or won’t pay because their doors are closed and business is dead.

It’s a sad, scary time. Sorry for the downer.

The full results, produced and compiled by invidis, are available here as a PDF file.

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