Peerless-AV Debuts Mobile Screen Solution For Covid-19 Testing And Treatment Sites

March 25, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Chicago-based Peerless-AV has started marketing a bundled technology solution aimed at  the hundreds of testing and treatment stations that are opening across the USA, which have needs for rapid triage and information sharing, often in rough, inhospitable environments.

The bundled solution includes a 49”, 55” or 65” Outdoor display, mobile mount cart, and if needed, custom content to accommodate a variety of considerations.

Suggests Peerless-AV:

By making the switch to digital, triage and logistics teams will no longer need to manually update static signage throughout the day, nor develop static content in multiple translations to accommodate a diversity of languages. Instead, digital content can be updated in real-time once connected to a network, or simply run via a USB flash drive directly connected to the TV, creating significantly more efficient workflow and information dissemination.

“Our company is continuing to operate as an “Essential Business” in order to assist those impacted by COVID-19,” says Nick Belcore, Executive Vice President, Peerless-AV. “As always, our team works diligently to provide innovative solutions, especially during a time like this. We hope that our bundled solution can help employees of these pop-up medical locations, as well as all others that are affected.” 

As time is of the essence for these locations, the package’s SmartMount Flat Panel Cart offers a pre-assembled base to ensure a quick and straightforward set up. The UltraView UHD Outdoor TV is an all weather rated solution with 4K resolution and an IPS panel, providing exceptional color and video quality from any viewing angle.

The mobility of the cart and durability of the outdoor TV allows for convenient digital signage placement for your most important use case. If you need assistance with content, Peerless-AV is making basic content services available in the bundle to help get the digital signage up and running quickly. Peerless-AV offers full content support for leading media players and content providers.

This is a solutions providers video about its take on the bundle:

Very happily, I have not had a need to get tested, and the numbers of people hit around where I live by this murderous bug is low when compared to most places. So I don’t really know what all is needed.

Drive-thrus at QSRs have pre-sell screens ahead of the order station that are there to inform and motivate. I could certainly imagine a screen just ahead of where cars roll up to caregivers and testers, to explain what they’ll be doing. That would save the medical people from explaining the process over and over, car by car. 

Same holds in line-ups for people waiting to get inside a testing or treatment center.

  1. This is a great solution from Peerless-AV – we are using this bundle for a Mobile Messaging System

  2. Marty Durksen says:

    Great idea. If we start thinking, “How can we help?”, vs. “What can I sell?”, we will all get through this better off. Some can make masks and some can help inform.

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