Software Shop Tightrope Develops Dedicated Site On How To Work Effectively From Home

March 20, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Minneapolis-based digital signage and broadcast software company Tightrope Media Systems has been largely a remote working firm for a few years, so the workplace disruption brought on by a pandemic has been minimal.
“Given the current work environment I thinking about how we could be helpful to our customers, channel partners, and colleagues,” says Tightrope CEO JJ Parker. “We made the transition from an in-office to (mostly) remote team over the past few years. Given the exodus from office spaces, we wanted to help as people figure out their remote work setups… so we started a blog to share our experiences.”
“It’s a completely separate website,” he adds, “so it’s not a marketing thing for us, at all. My intention is simply to help people by sharing our stories. We are adding to it every day. It’s been really fun!
The site is called Remotie, and is all about how to set up, think and operate in a home office.
Tightrope’s signage CMS is called Carousel.

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