Football Field-wide LED Screen Greets Arrivals At Kuala Lumpur’s Airport

February 25, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is a vast direct view LED display in the arrivals area of Kuala Lumpur’s international airport – the big Absen screen replacing 11 old backlights.

The screen is 96 meters wide by 4.2 meters high, and was put in by the media company VGI Airports.

A bank has already bought out the screen space for the next two years.

UPDATE SEPT. 2020 – Here are the details from LED supplier Absen:

VGI opted for a combination of LCD and LED technologies for the project, and chose to work with Absen on the latter. It selected a combination of Absen N4, Acclaim A2719, and A2725 for the installation, split into three different areas.

Absen’s N4 created a ‘Digital Dream’ screen – a 400sqm LED wall with a 23,976W x 1,008H resolution – in the arrivals area, while Absen’s A2719 was selected for a Satellite Digital Impact Network screen to cover both arrival and departures of international destinations.

Absen’s A2719 was put to use used for full high definition displays at check in area, while the Digital Arrivals Impact Network screen features a curved 7.3m x 2m A2725 LED wall, strategically installed above the escalators for arrivals.

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