Adomni Partners With Uber On Ride Share LED Car-Topper DOOH Signs

February 24, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Las Vegas-based programmatic DOOH startup Adomni has partnered with ride share giant Uber on a new pilot media program that sees some 1,000 digital screens added to the tops of participating drivers’ vehicles in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix.

Under the new partnership, Adomni will do the ad sales and marketing efforts. Adomni will provide self-service programmatic buying via their demand-side platform (DSP), complimentary managed services, and a programmatic supply-side platform for other DSPs to access the inventory and transact in a fully automated way. 

The new pilot program, called Uber OOH will be available for purchase on or or on

Starting in Q2 , Uber OOH inventory will also be programmatically available for real-time bidding through demand-side media platforms like Amobee and Zeta Global, connecting to Adomni’s Ad Exchange. 

Uber wants to have more than 1,000 displays installed by the end of Q2 2020, and aspires to expand the program to more cities in 2020.

“Many of us enjoy the convenience that Uber provides as we seamlessly move around town on our daily journey,” says Adomni CEO Jonathan Gudai. “A big part of what makes the Uber experience so great is their scale. It was extremely exciting for us to think about how we could layer-on smart, digital advertising to connect advertisers with the huge quantities of audiences exposed to these vehicles every day.”

Says the PR:

With this new program, advertisers are able to reach audiences exposed to the Uber cartop screens via sponsorship commitments or programmatic campaigns.  Advertisers can utilize Adomni’s innovative buying platform to geo-target ad content as well as trigger ads to concurrently play on cartops, as well as nearby programmatically connected, digital, out-of-home screens such as billboards. 

“With this new program, advertisers now have a new one-two punch to capture street-level consumer attention in a big, unmissable way,” says Gudai.

“After exploring this idea for over a year now, we realized that the timing is perfect to launch this new ad network and we couldn’t ask for a better partner than Adomni,” says Brett Baker, who is heading up the car-top ads program for Uber. “Their expertise with mobile vehicle digital out-of-home networks and programmatic ad sales is compelling.”

This news may help explain why Lyft last week acquired a media start-up called Halo that does cartoppers for ride share. There is also a well-funded Silicon Valley startup called Firefly doing toppers for ride share drivers AND taxis.

The attraction to ride share drivers is additional revenue  by plopping on one of these signs, though I have my doubts these things are sufficiently portable to take off at night. So if an Uber driver’s car is also the family car, keeping quiet about driving for Uber is going to be a challenge.

It is not clear to me, or in the PR, who is fronting the cost of the displays on the cars. My safe guess is the other start-up involved in this – NYC-based Cargo Systems, which like Firefly is doing the screens on rideshare cars thing and is VC funded.


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