With Digital Now Core To Business, PATTISON Rolls Onestop Into Parent Brand

February 19, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The Canadian out of home media firm PATTISON Outdoor Advertising has rolled its digital division – started via acquisition several years ago – into the overall brand.

That means PATTISON Onestop is no more as its own, slightly separate thing, and is just part of overall PATTISON. That makes a bunch of sense, as a business line that was a bit on the fringe when PATTISON acquired Onestop in 2011 is now a core business.

The move, says a press release, unites the divisions’ excellence in Digital Innovation and Operations, along with its premium Digital Networks in downtown cores across key markets, with the scale of PATTISON Outdoors’ national product portfolio and market-leadership. The move will focus on the three pillars of Sales, Digital Innovation and Technical Operations.

PATTISON Outdoor’s newly appointed President, Steve Mcgregor will lead the combined presence, and Cam Milne of Onestop will move into a new role as VP/GM overseeing the Central Region at PATTISON Outdoor. The new operating structure blends together the strength of the sales teams, an industry-leading technical operations team, and enables PATTISON Outdoor to align around an evolved National Digital product portfolio.

 “According to industry estimates, Digital-Out-of-Home is predicted to be the fastest growing segment of Out-of-Home with an annual industry media spend growth of 10%,” says  Mcgregor. “This puts PATTISON Outdoor in a prime position to bolster the digital outdoor and place-based advertising landscape in Canada as we look forward to 2020 and beyond by bringing together our experts in the sales and operations of digital outdoor with the national scope of our digital networks.”

The move comes at a critical inflection point for our Digital Out-of-Home portfolio as 2020 is the year we are set to expand our programmatic functionality to expose our unique digital locations and audiences to countless new buyers and trading teams.”

Media partners and advertisers will benefit from PATTISON’s scope and comprehensive range of OOH properties, markets, insights and customer support services, now powered nationally with the technical expertise of Onestop’s Digital Innovation and Operations teams. Over the coming months, media partners will see former Onestop properties refreshed with the PATTISON Outdoor brand, in addition to branding changes across its websites and social media platforms. 

PATTISON has several digital properties, but the big one, by far, is the  network of screens on the platforms of Toronto’s busy TTC subway system. The company also has a big elevator screen network and highway LED signs.

Onestop, when it was a start-up, won the TTC back in, I’m thinking, 2003ish. The screens have been there ever since.

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