Do Big, To Massive, LED Video Walls Really Need Fixed, Packaged Sizes?

February 18, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The nature of direct view LED is that it is not really constrained by dimensional limits. A video wall can be the size and shape it needs to be.

So I find it curious that many LED marketers are packaging large video walls in fixed sizes – either as giant TVs with frames and stands, or with diagonal dimensions that seem slightly crazy to people like me, who grew up thinking a 26″ CRT TV  was ginormous.

Consider Samsung, which announced last week at ISE its micro LED product, The Wall, is now being  marketed at sizes as large as 583 inches diagonal. That’s a little more than 48 feet across, bottom corner at one end to top at the other.

Samsung is expanding its lineup for The Wall this year with The Wall for Business. The latest iteration applies industry-leading visual experience for a wide variety of commercial applications from control rooms to broadcast centers, lobbies, design centers and more. The Wall for Business features a wide range of configurable and customizable sizes and ratios from 219- and 292-inch 4K versions, up to 437- and 583-inch 8K versions, the largest ever unveiled. The Wall for Business will be available globally beginning at ISE 2020.

There will be some marketing logic behind this, I’m sure. Twenty years of doing this stuff has taught me some buyers struggle to wrap their heads around “custom” or “bespoke”, and need packaging.

But someone with pockets deep enough to seriously consider premium LED tech is probably not tossing and turning trying to decide between this one and the smaller 437 incher. I think either is into a number with at least six trailing zeroes.

Much more likely, the client, design pros and integrator are looking at a physical space, and saying we want to fill this dimension with micro LED tiles, so how many and how much? They’re not going to put in the 583 if the space needs, I dunno, 706 inches. They’ll get the modules to do 706.

The Wall for Business (there is also a consumer line for Yankees starters and hedge fund owners) came available globally at ISE 2020.

Anyone know why?

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