Release The Hounds: 2020 16:9 DSE Mixer Ticketing Is Live!

February 17, 2020 by Dave Haynes

With ISE in the rear-view mirror, industry attention now turns to Digital Signage Expo, in about six weeks in Las Vegas.

The 16:9 industry mixer the night before the show floor opens has become a big tradition, and the 11th annual event is set for March 31st at the regular venue – the 3rd floor of the Hard Rock Cafe on the strip.

There are about 400 tickets made available, and every year they disappear in a matter of days. Sometimes they’re gone in 48 hours, and then I endure weeks of grovelling from industry friends who missed the ticketing window. I have already had a stack of emails asking about the ticketing URL.

Admission tickets are free, and used to control and count actual numbers. The place holds more, but that 400 is what I insure and build drinks and food around. As always, the first two drinks are on sponsors, and if you are thirsty for more, the bartenders will happily accept payments.

This year’s sponsors (big thank you, as always) are a mix of long-timers and newbies. One came off a two-year waiting list to associate with event.

I do the event early so that people can get to dinners or other events that run that evening. The music is kept down so that you can have relatively normal conversations with others, and NOT HAVE TO YELL. It always strikes me as insane that event organizers – save the later night ones positioned as parties  and mayhem (looking at you Peerless AV) – keep the music loud and make it very difficult for networking, which was usually the point of the event.

Certainly, I hope for everyone’s sake the COVID-19 thing has calmed six weeks from now and attendance/exhibitor counts are unaffected. Nonetheless, we’ll bring some squirty bottles of hand sanitizer (if we remember). 

This is the registration engine:

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