LG Confirms It Is Skipping ISE Over Health Safety Worries

February 6, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Here is the official word from LG, which took a day, on pulling its people from its stand at ISE – which was very likely already being built on the RAI hall floor.

With the WHO recommending that individuals “promote social distancing,” LG management believed that the most responsible decision was to avoid participating in large public events until the situation stabilized.

The full statement is here: http://go.pardot.com/webmail/211672/500909385/53ad69399c71409d5f35f0e993b4738f50e0ef8dc15f15c09ff54fe5980d29a0

The ISE microsite inviting show-goers to visit is still up as I type this. Might want to change that.

People have to do what makes them feel comfortable, but this seems like a serious over-abundance of caution. Time, I suppose, will tell.

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