New Portable Projection Mapping Unit Launched For Guerrilla Marketers

January 28, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Glasgow-based NomadiX Media – most known for its wearable digital signage displays – has unveiled a new product designed to enable easy guerrilla marketing via portable projection.

The iProjector Halo is a self-contained projector/media player/speaker unit that’s touted as being light enough to hand-carry and set up on a tripod, to blast images on spare walls along streets come evening. It is bundled with a dedicated digital signage CMS called Halo, that can be managed by a PC or smartphone.

Featuring advanced swappable batteries and powerful stereo speakers, iProjector Halo provides creative flexibility and the power to beam exciting visual content anywhere, without the hassle of vans and generators.

I can’t find any specs on the brightness of the projector, or duty hours, is it a lamp or laser, or much else.  But conceptually, I like it in terms of guerrilla and short-term projection marketing. You would not use this sort of thing for a big dollar, fixed projection-mapping spectacle, but to be able to walk up and be projecting on the side of a building in a matter of minutes has its charms. 

It looks like this is the second-generation, with an earlier iProjector launched in 2017.

You can also tear down and split pretty fast, which might matter for people like activists or in cities where bylaws maybe don’t formally allow this sort of thing ;-]

Cue the superhero/end of days music …

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