ISE Says Show Goes On, As Normal, Despite Coronavirus Concerns

January 28, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The ISE trade show’s organizers have released a formal statement on their point of view and plans for the show in Amsterdam.

To casual observers, one might wonder why a trade show in the Netherlands should be concerned about a virus outbreak in central China, but the issue is the number of Chinese technology vendors who normally have stands full of Chinese nationals at the RAI in Amsterdam. If they brought the Wuhan coronavirus to the show – which has some 80,000 attendees – that could be a BIG problem.

But of the 300 or so exhibitors from China, few are from the Wuhan area. Of those, BOE is really the only one involved in large flat panel displays (LCD TVs and, maybe, panels). The other tech companies there do smartphone screens.

Of course, the virus has spread beyond Wuhan, but that city is the outbreak’s epicenter.

While there has been some pressure to ask, or perhaps even prevent, Chinese companies from exhibiting at the show, the ISE people have resisted that.

One might reasonably argue the financial hit would be huge to block exhibitors, but it could also be argued any measure blocking exhibitors would be a huge over-reaction, when health officials are trying to remind the media and general public that the flu strains that appear each winter cause illness and death at a far greater clip than what is anticipated with this  sort of virus. Yet there is little to no angst about influenza.

That said, this Coronavirus is inarguably bad, concern is rational and prudence is warranted.

Here’s what ISE says:

Following the recent international publicity around the Coronavirus outbreak in China, Integrated Systems Events, the producer of the Integrated Systems Europe exhibition, would like to clarify the following: ISE 2020 will take place as scheduled on 10-14 February (including the Conferences and opening events on Monday) at the RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We are monitoring and following guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), alongside advice given by local health agencies, airports and venues. We are advised that no additional measures are required.

We advise that exhibitors and attendees follow the care and hygiene recommendations recommended by the WHO:

We in addition will install hand sanitizers in multiple locations around the RAI exhibition building for the duration of the show.


  1. GEOF JONES says:

    This is a bit like the Movie Jaws, the Beaches are safe – they dont want to lose business. But this is a serious outbreak since sunday its gone from 2500 – 6000+ and rising fast –

    ISE is my favourite expo and i have been a visitor/exhibitor for over 10 years – I really dont want to cancel my trip this year, but i am considering it

  2. Luis says:

    Well… I am going… I already made a reservation at my favorite restaurant on the 12th… so will not cancel now.
    However, I will be walking around with one of those face things and have 2 or three bottles of hand sanatizer. Sorry ladies and Gents, no hugs/kisses from me this year…

  3. Mark jones says:

    Hello to all of you. With such a widespread emergency around the CORONA VIRUS I think that the fair will be suspended this year, preserving the health of people and more important than business, there will be a better time. As far as I am concerned, I will stay at home. It is unthinkable to go to a world fair at this complicated time.

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