Navori’s New BrightSign Signage Player Solution Loads, Runs Off SD Card

January 22, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The veteran Swiss CMS software firm Navori Labs has announced an interesting new spin on making its application available on the widely used BrightSign media player line-up – a system on an SD memory card.

The premise is that end-users or solutions providers need only get an SD card loaded with the the Navori QL Player software application, plug it into a recent vintage BrightSign box – new or used – and reboot it. The box comes back as a Navori device.

The software, says Navori, is available for new BrightSign shipments or as a field upgrade for existing players from 2016 forward.

“BrightSign enjoys one of the largest installed bases of digital signage media players worldwide, and this software offers a plug-and-play solution for BrightSign customers that want to bring the power of QL software to their networks,” says Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. “Integration into existing players is as simple as inserting the SD card into BrightSign players, and users can immediately begin publishing content enhanced by QL Player’s feature upon rebooting players.”

Navori says the QL Player for BrightSign has all the capabilities offered on other hardware platforms it supports: Windows and SOC v Android versions for Samsung’s Tizen and LG’s WebOS. The company says BrightSign media players running with the  SD card solution “will retain access to the BrightSign app ecosystem, ensuring that existing users don’t lose access to critical device remote control, network management and monitoring features for their networks.”

Navori Labs will be showing this at ISE, as will, I assume, BrightSign.

Running a media player off of solid state memory is not new, of course. Many and maybe most media players these days use solid state drives or SD cards. The important thing with the latter option is using the kinds of pro-grade Class 10 SD cards that serious photographers use, and not ones off the rack at the back of a Walmart.

I don’t spend my days getting in the weeds of software or devices, so I can’t say how unique this capability is to the Navori-BrightSign set-up. I do know that it is possible to load a script on an SD card and pop it into a little purple box to make things happen.

Update – I asked and got a reply from Navori, which suggests the key distinctions between this and other platforms are:

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