ZetaDisplay Announces Big Management Re-Org To Prep For Growth

January 17, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The Swedish technology firm ZetaDisplay, likely the most acquisitive digital signage firm in Europe, has announced a re-org its says was done to increase scalability and to capture international growth.

The group of companies sprinkled around (mostly) Scandinavia “will move from a geo­graphic to a function-based organization comprising Commercial, Operations, Product & Software as well as corporate functions, while maintaining its local presence. The organization will be effective during March 2020.”

“ZetaDisplay has acquired seven companies since 2015. To capture scalability and to respond to customer expectations on international projects, complex deliveries, advanced product concepts as well as innovative software solutions we are taking the next step in our organizational development,” says CEO Per Mandorf. “We are aligning our resources to capture growth opportunities and to optimize investments paired with a clear focus on executing our strategy of growing SaaS-revenues, customer centricity and scalability.”

A new Group Management team has eight members Zeta says represent both functional expertise and the group’s main markets:

The newbie among those is Laila Hede Jensen (main photo), who in recent years has done senior sales and business development work with Unilumin, SiliconCore and Samsung. Hede Jensen starts her new position as Chief Commercial Officer Feb. 1, and will presumably be at ISE.

Leif Liljebrunn (M&A), Ben Bellborn (R&D) and Jens Helin (International Sales) will stay in the Group and resume their operational responsibilities reporting to Group Management or the CEO.

Oscar Arp, currently Executive Vice President and Business Area Manager Sweden, has decided to leave ZetaDisplay. “Oscar has made a substantial contribution to our operations by building a strong sales pipeline. We wish him all the best for his future career,” Mandorf says.

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