Enplug Integrates Signage CMS With Zoom Workplace Video Platform

January 16, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Los Angeles-based cloud CMS firm Enplug has announced an integration with the popular Zoom unified communications platform, making it possible to broadcast Zoom video conferences via Enplug’s digital signage platform.

A new Zoom App developed by Enplug is available free to users via the company’s App Market.

“Opening up digital signage to the Zoom ecosystem greatly expands Zoom’s capabilities by allowing large-scale streaming to a vaster audience of internal and external meeting attendees, and helps organizations better utilize their entire AV infrastructure to foster a more productive workplace through better communication,” says Nanxi Liu, CEO of Enplug. “Zoom has quickly become ubiquitous in the workplace, yet collaboration has traditionally been limited to workers on their computers, phones or mobile devices. Our Zoom App pushes this collaboration into a new medium that will benefit workplace productivity in a significant way.” 

The app allows scheduled or immediate livestreams, and includes the ability to stop on demand.

Using the Zoom App to instantly reach a broad audience, says the PR, opens up near-endless possibilities for Enplug users. Possible corporate scenarios include company executives sharing quarterly financial results, or leading all-hands meetings with teams in offices across the country. Benefits extend well beyond the workplace into other institutional applications, such as education. For example, school faculty can use the Zoom App to greet students at the start of a new school year with a welcome address delivered across classrooms and campuses.

I looked and did not find any other signage CMS companies doing this, though I could easily have overlooked one. Several CMS companies have some form of Apps marketplace.

This makes sense, given what I have heard from display vendors and AV/IT integrators who pitch displays and unified communications solutions. They sometimes make the case that screens that are not in active use don’t have to sit black, but could be used for workplace communications.

My Googling did lead me to something called Zoom Rooms, which is touted as a workplace signage solution bundled with the Zoom platform and gear. It also does meeting room scheduling signs.

As I have noted many times – it is hard for pure play signage software companies to get into other lines of business, but relatively easy for software-led companies that do other things to get into digital signage. The Zoom site and video suggests the signage capabilities are modest, but for companies that already use Zoom, it might be all they really need.

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