It’s Not A Digital Signage Show, But NRF 2020 Has A Lot Of It On Show This Week In NYC

January 13, 2020 by Dave Haynes

I am skipping the NRF retail show in NYC this week – every 2-3 years is enough for me – but there are plenty of digital signage vendors there, some making a very large investment.

STRATACACHE had a very large booth last year and it appears to be much the same for 2020 – we’re talking seven figures investment, I’d think.

Samsung is there, immediately on the heels of showing at CES across the country in Las Vegas.

It is demo’ing much of the same mix – or versions of – what was shown at CES last week. But there is also a push on its analytics capabilities for retail, which have been attached to the MagicINFO software line:

MagicINFO Analytics, powered by Brightics AI, turns displays into a platform to deliver business insights. It allows users to optimize and automate store promotions and campaigns based on real-time integrated data. Using MagicINFO Analytics, retailers can analyze big data and in-store customer behavior to display the most relevant content customized for customers’ needs. MagicINFO Analytics also delivers meaningful performance reports, allowing retail managers and marketers to better understand promotion results, informing future marketing campaigns. At the Samsung booth, attendees can see MagicINFO in action and how retailers can display a wide range of messages including in-store promotions, wayfinding and more.

STRATACACHE, Samsung and NEC are all on the big boy main floor (NRF has main, upper and basement levels for exhibitors. The biggest exhibits are on the main level.

ComQi and its owner AUO have a significant booth, and is a regular exhibitor at the show. NYC is an expensive place to have a main office, but at least once a year it comes in handy just being a subway or cab away from a show, instead of costly planes and hotels.

Hughes appears to have a pile of people in from Salt Lake and the DC area.

Also upstairs in the main hall, Intel has a large presence showing IOT for Retail. Microsoft, SAP, Cisco and other tech giants are also big on the floor, with varying degrees of stuff shown that is customer-facing tech. A lot of what’s at NRF is big data/back of house IT stuff that doesn’t have a lot to do, at least directly, withe shopper experience.

Smaller companies are downstairs, such as CrownTV and Perch – both local to the NYC area.

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