Government Office In West China Adds 140 Sq. Meter LED Lobby Screen

January 10, 2020 by Dave Haynes

This is an utterly massive LED screen in what must be the lobby of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps’ Command Center.

It is a 1.2mm Ledman chip on board display (COB is a different production method from most of the LED display you see out there) and has a resolution of 12,480 by 7290. That would be called 12K, I guess, though I am not sure there is such a thing.

The total display area is 139.73 sq. meters. In North America, that’s a $2-$3 million bill JUST for the LED modules, though it will be far less in China.

Xinjiang is in the west of China and has grown notorious internationally as the region where Turkic Muslims have been detained and sent to re-education camps.

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