Planar’s CES 2020 Stand Includes 219″ 0.6mm LED; Jumbo 120″ LCD

January 9, 2020 by Dave Haynes

Portland, OR-based display-maker Planar Systems has a stand at CES 2020 this week and while I have not seen PR, there are tweets out there showing a couple of giant screens and tech advances.

Planar has a 0.6mm pitch LED display measuring 216″ diagonal and delivering 8K.

Weirdly, the booth image says the display is microLED but technical coverage suggests the display uses miniLED chips from Taiwan LED die-maker Epistar, on a display made by Planar parent company Leyard.

Along with the jumbo unit, there are two 4K displays (135- and 108-inch) that use the same tech and pitch.

Display nerds have technical measures of mini vs microLED, and the simple things to remember is that they are both really tiny and microLED is the tinier of the two. Micro sounds tinier, and if it really just is mini, Planar joins many, many display companies who have pushed the meaning on specs.

How many times have you read about bezel-free displays that, ummm, had bezels?

The 216-inch Planar display is in the same marketing space as Samsung’s The Wall, which is actually 0.84mm pitch.

When you get into these super-fine pitches, part of the tale is the pitch or distance between light pixels, but it is also about the black substrate … so a higher pitch can actually be good, because it shows more black and therefore delivers more contrast.

Planar is also showing a 120-inch LCD, which is just, freaking massive. The only other pro display company that has shown a 120, I think, is Sharp.

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