Mvix, BrightSign Partner On Flat Fee Digital Signage Bundle

January 9, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The DC-area CMS software firm Mvix has entered into a partnership with hardware manufacturer BrightSign that see’s a one-time only software price attached for end-users and solutions providers who want to use the little purple media players.

“Unlike most CMS vendors who charge for a monthly or annual subscription, we’re offering a simple one-time fee for the use of our content-rich software with BrightSign players,” says Mike Kilian, VP of Client Relations for Mvix. “This makes digital signage affordable and ensures that brands can count on a reliable signage network with a healthy return on investment.”

The company will also continue to market subscription-based (SaaS) pricing for its software.

The pricing is $295/ player for as many as five players, and it drops to $275/player for more than five. Presumably, you buy 500 licenses and the price is lower still, though that is not stated.

The CMS software is compatible across all of BrightSign’s Series 3 and Series 4 players.

I don’t know the background here, but let’s assume this is aimed at SMB end-users who are very cost-conscious but maybe don’t see enough in BrightSign’s own BrightAuthor software. It will probably play well in the “channel” with solutions providers and smaller integrators who can can a fixed price and add some margin.

The software solution appears to be pretty rich and robust, with the PR saying it supports:

“Mvix has created a unique purchase path for a complete digital signage solution. We’re excited they’ve taken our partnership a step further by offering this affordable bundled solution with no recurring fees,” adds Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign.

The BrightSign/Mvix solution will be showcased at the 2020 ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale, FL, from Feb. 12 – 14.

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