Intuiface, IAdea Partner On Non-Proprietary Meeting Room Signage Solution

January 7, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The French interactive software firm Intuiface has done an interesting tie-up with Taiwanese digital signage hardware manufacturer IAdea, offering a combined solution for end-users and integrators who don’t to get locked into specific meeting room signage platforms.

The partnership enables end-users and solutions providers to develop specific meeting room sign user experience and functionality using Intuiface, and then run the solution on IAdea’s all-in-one small form factor displays, which are HTML5-driven.

Most meeting room sign options on the market – and there are dozens – have specific subscription or enterprise-based software solutions, with certain functionality, and tend to be tied to specific hardware and operating systems. For example, one company’s solution will be specifically built and optimized for a certain display or small set of displays.

That’s not a bad thing, and there are some great companies out there with slick-looking UXs and attractive door-side displays. But some end-users have specific needs that a software company may not offer, particularly when it is developing a solution that needs to be somewhat universal in its appeal.

Other end-users may be reticent to invest in a specific, proprietary platform that pretty much locks them in for the three to five year operating life of the door-side screens.

What Intuiface brings is a somewhat unique offer for end-users, as well as hardware partners: the ability to build a user experience and functionality, and then integrate with something like calendars or room management systems, without needing to know how to code.

In the case of IAdea, the company can now offer its clients and partners a complete meeting room signage solution, without having to go into software development and compete with a pile of first and early movers.

The PR on the partnership says:

By partnering, Intuiface and IAdea can satisfy content creation challenges with fit-for-purpose hardware to offer a compelling meeting room solution. Users of Intuiface are able to create everything from traditional, single image signage to complex, data-driven interactive experiences without requiring any development expertise. And IAdea customers can adopt meeting room-specific members of their All-in-One series to ensure 24/7 playback and commercial functionality for any environment.

IAdea display options – such as LED light bars and NFC readers – can be easily incorporated in Intuiface-based designs. The combined solution is a one-stop-shop for meeting room signage that can also claim a reduction in time and effort for the delivery of modern, engaging, and informative content for meeting room use. Venues ranging from the workplace and conference halls to stadiums and academic institutions will appreciate the ability to create custom meeting room experiences – schedule listings, room booking, meeting in progress lighting, and more – with such ease and reduced cost. 

IAdea has 10 and 15-inch-inch all-in-one room panels that have features like built-in LED light bars (for room occupancy notification), touch screens, power-over-Ethernet, NFC readers (HID option available), and multiple mounting options (for wall, window, and counter.)

The nice thing, and what sets it apart from commercial and particularly consumer tablets is IAdea already has a built-in remote device management solution, called IAdeaCare. That means remote fixes and things like firmware updates can be done with relative ease, quickly and at low cost.

While the two companies are many time zones apart, there is a local connection. Intuiface, while predominantly French, has a Taipei sales office, run by Raphael Languebien, ex of Scala.

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