LG’s CES2020 News Adds 48-Inch OLED TV; Talks More About 8K

January 6, 2020 by Dave Haynes

LG has had its press conference at CES this morning, and while there was lots of cool consumer stuff, it was more about appliances and gaming than about displays – though there was lots of talk about OLED, as you might expect.

No real signage-ish stuff to report, however. There is now a 48-inch OLED, with the previous smallest TV being 55-inches. It will cost less, which I assume was the point in a world where bigger seems to rule the day.

LG talked about 8K, and like its Korean rival Samsung, uses AI to upscaling of lower resolution material – important when there is not a lot of native 8K content out there. The AI does the work of looking at surrounding pixels and doing the enhancements and sharpening to make lower rez visuals fit, as opposed to looking stretched to fit.

That 65-inch rollable OLED for the high net worth crowd – the one that generated a lot of buzz one year ago – now has a price: $60,000 USD.

So, umm, never mind on that. Will see how my tryout with Real Madrid goes first.

You will see a lot more about commercial OLED displays for signage from LG, Samsung and others about a month from now, at ISE in Amsterdam.

If you are in Las Vegas and waiting in a line – which you will do everywhere this week – send me a note and pix if you see stuff worth relaying to readers. You’ll have time.

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