DSE Sets Final, Final (Probably) Deadline For Apex Awards Submissions

January 3, 2020 by Dave Haynes

The Digital Signage Expo team has shifted the deadline one last time for submissions to its annual Apex Awards – with a new and perhaps truly final submissions deadline of January 15th.  So if you STILL haven’t got your act together, all hope is not lost.

The awards, which are presented by the Digital Signage Federation, recognize and honor excellence in the creation and installation of viewer content and interactive technology. DSE, like many awards programs, has a knack for setting deadlines, and then extending them to try to goose a higher entry total.

Winners Get

The final deadline is now Jan. 15 at midnight Pacific time. The DSE site has a pile of information on what you need to submit, which includes one pic and one video, minimum.

Finalists will be announced on February 20th. 

As I have nattered on in the past, for the Apex Awards and the global Digital Signage Awards that 16:9 sponsors and hands out in Amsterdam in a few weeks, awards matter! I know they take time to enter into, but really not that much. Entry fees also don’t cost much compared to things no one thinks twice about, like business dinners or a slightly boozy lunches.

Ask yourself a simple question: Can your marketers work with the terms award-winning of awards finalist?

Answer, of course they can! But only if someone makes the effort and enters!!!

Submission page is here …

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