White Castle’s New HQ Has Vast Interactive Wall, Projection-Mapped Throne

December 30, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The longtime burger chain White Castle has moved into new HQ digs in Columbus, Ohio that factored in a lot of tech to set the company tone and also tells its story.

The building has a pile of traditional AV and collaboration systems, but in the public areas like the lobby, Detroit-based solutions firm Bluewater Technologies Group provided a set of interesting and, in some cases, unique installs.

Playing off the castle theme, there is a projection-mapped throne in the lobby, with built-in photo activation.

The desk of the chain’s original founder is on display, and picking up the phone on that desk triggers audio recordings.

Finally, there’s a big multi-LCD touch-driven interactive history video wall.

There’s also nutty stuff like a two-storey slide staffers can use to get down to the lobby – the slide hinting at chutes used in the company’s bakeries.

The building was designed by M+A Architects.

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