Valotalive Adds Easy Animation Overlays For Its Digital Signage Presentations

December 20, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The Finnish software firm Valotalive has developed new patent-pending technology designed to overlay content atop other content on digital signage screens.

Valotalive says its Overlay Technology is patent-pending, using HTML5 and its own CMS.

“The overlay technology provides a novel and refreshing way of combining multiple data sources to the screen. The customer creates an Overlay App that uses some data source for content and binds it to selected screens. It renders on top of everything and can utilize the whole screen but leaves most of the screen transparent for the normal content to show through. It is a really nice platform to be creative, for example, for product launches and other memorable events,” explains Mikko Korpelainen, CTO of Valotalive.

In practical terms, the tech can do things like overlay an animated snowfall over a presentation. It can work with graphics and images.

Valotalive started as a subscription content shop and has evolved into a broader offer, including a CMS, focused on workplace digital signage.

I don’t think this is the sort of functionality that’s going to win business for a solutions provider, but it’s a neat little trick. I have seen this sort of animation offered for a few years now. It’s the sort of thing, however, that would usually need developer chops to make happen. This overlay functionality makes it easy, I assume, for a non-technical end-user to turn on.

Not a big fan of this video sample, because of the cluttered layout and I don’t know what up in the top right zone.

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