Montreal’s Integrated Health Systems Does Waiting Room Signage Reset

December 18, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is one of the screens running for the City of Montreal’s Integrated University Health and Social Services – four care organizations spread out across 43 locations.

The digital signage network was described as ailing, and Montreal solutions firm VIF Tele won a bid to revamp and reimagine it, working with Philips for displays.

The network is in waiting rooms – something done in health care forever – but I am mentioning this because of the visuals. I am fortunate in that my visits to waiting rooms are rare, but when I have been in them, the visual presentations have tended to be cluttered and crappy.

Instead of screens loaded up with too many zones and too much information, this network keeps it simple, and actually spends some time and money on creative. The little time big uop in the left corner is the extent of content zoning.

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