DOOH Campaign Uses AI Computer Vision To Boost Warsaw Road Safety

December 17, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I like how the Polish digital OOH media company Screen Network is thinking and acting quite differently in how it is using computer vision for media campaigns – with the latest example an ad that tells drivers on a busy Warsaw roadway that their lights are off.

Polish Police worked with Screen Network on “Your Lights – Our Security” – which used AI-based software and cameras to look for vehicles with their lights off, recognizing the make and color of the vehicle and than providing a personalized warning to drivers on a screen ahead of them, a 165-meter LED curtain located on the facade of the Plac Unii City Shopping mall.

The idea was developed jointly with Think DOOH, says PR, and the traffic department of the Polish Police Headquarters. There was a broader campaign about headlights and road safety, but for the high profile roadway and mall screen, a custom campaign was developed.

The LED mesh screen was paired with AI software from Veturai. The sensor camera recognized cars from as far away as 200 meters, but safety reasons, the campaign was focused only on drivers stopped at a red light in front of the screen.

The system was able to recognize dozens of automaker brands, as well as eight colors. The solution, Screen Network says, was fully anonymized. Characteristic features of vehicles are protected by blurring identifiable elements, and the video streaming from cameras was used by the software only in real time.

Clever stuff!

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