Who Needs Departures And Track Assignments When You Can Get IP Addresses?

UPDATE – The service provider says this screen was intentional and the board was being tested, with a launch day set for Dec. 18. (see comments below)

This is bad on an epic level – a big direct view LED in the main rail station in Rotterdam.  

The big screen (photo provided by a reader) should be showing Dutch train schedules. It is instead showing diagnostics, including the IP address on the station’s network for the media player.

Shot taken Monday morning.

6 thoughts on “Who Needs Departures And Track Assignments When You Can Get IP Addresses?”

  1. Simple fix, just have a piece of code that forces a black screen until the system confirms that the CMS is running and correct content is playing. Every DS installation should have this.

  2. At first glance I thought the screens were showing some low-level information about the boards. After zooming in, the screen on the right appears to show diagnostics/stats regarding the unit driving the content. Perhaps a remote engineer logged in and forget to flip back over to content? Either way, I hope the vendor learns something from it!

    It’s a shame it wasn’t a Windows desktop so people could blame the O/S instead! 😉

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