Mad Systems Gets Patent Approval For AI-driven Personalized Messaging

December 9, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The Orange County, CA-based AV solutions firm Mad Systems has been granted a U.S. patent for systems and methods that provide location-centric information about registered users based on facial recognition technology.

The system, called LookingGlass Concierge, “uses facial recognition to identify and locate people. It then logs each member into a group either using pre-entry data submitted prior to their visit, on-site using a self-service kiosk, with assistance from a staff member, or by various other methods.”

Mad Systems says it developed LookingGlass to improve customer service and enhance visitor experiences at places like theme parks, museums, visitor centers, fairgrounds, stadiums and conference centers – pretty much anywhere that groups routinely visit.

The idea around this is that people experience places like theme parks and museums in different ways – based on everything from age, gender and language to interests. By setting what amounts to an opt-in tracking cookie for each visitor, a digital touchpoint like a kiosk can deliver messaging somewhat customized to each visitor.

So the way an exhibit is presented to a youngster from Beijing would be different than how it is done for a 60-year-old from Mexico City. A camera can detect the unique geometry of a face, or possibly something like a code or icon on an access badge.

The inability to personalize things like exhibit information and guidance means signs have to be designed with universality in mind, or multiple versions.

The USPTO abstract says:

Systems and methods for providing location information for registered users in a venue. A facial recognition process is used to identify each registered user, and associate each identified registered user with a location of the image from which the identification was made. The location information may then be provided when an authorized user requests the location information for a particular registered user.

I did a podcast a few weeks ago with Mad Systems Founder Maris Ensing. It may be more helpful in laying out how this would work, how it differs from established tech out there from companies like Quividi and AdMobilize, and how it gets around security and privacy concerns.

“This is a wonderful beginning to a new era for AV,” says Ensing in announcing the patent. “I see Facial Recognition combined with our wireless AV system, QuickSilver, reinvigorating the AV world to provide new and incredible opportunities for entertainment venues like theme parks, and museums – but also in board rooms, class rooms and related situations.”


“My team took a look at some common challenges in entertainment venues and created solutions using software and technology to tackle things like keeping families and groups together at a venue, helping visitors to retrieve purchased merchandise, helping with venue traffic control, helping with ADA compliance, and ultimately helping to create a memorable VIP experience,” adds Tricia Rodriguez, CEO of Mad Systems. “This is one of several facial recognition-based systems that Mad has submitted patent applications for so stay tuned for more innovations coming in 2020!”

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