Watch This Bar’s Full Wall Of Singing Big Mouth Billy Bass Fish

December 2, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip – Mark Bennett of microgigantic for flagging this …

This has nothing to do with screens but it certainly speaks to customer experience in places like hospitality and retail – a stairwell adorned with 75 Big Mouth Billy Bass fish, all singing in unison.

This at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Chicago – a rec center/bar in Chicago where people can go in and play the game of the choice of Florida retirees.

The hipster owners (the first Royal Palms was opened, of course, in Brooklyn) hired an interactive firm to figure out a way to power, sync and feed a full wall of the novelty angling trophy plaques.

The video doesn’t do the best job of showing all the fish singing at once, but at one point they all launch into the chorus of the Talking Heads’ classic Once In A Lifetime.

Extremely loopy. Love it. Though very cheap Chinese moving parts on a stairway in a bar will need a lot of TLC to keep running.

I reference this because it’s a reminder of the value of thinking differently about experience and creative content, whether that’s screens … or walls of singing plastic fish.

Amazingly, the bar does not serve PBRs. Is that no longer an ironic hipster thing?
  1. Mark Bennett says:

    It’s quite the fishy experience…

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