AI-driven Audience Measurement Shows Targeted DOOH Ads Up Viewers By 65%

November 26, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The French computer vision firm Quividi has released results of a methodical research test in Australian shopping malls that showed using real-time pattern detection to match ad content to viewers had distinctly positive impacts.

A digital out of home campaign on a digital poster network in Westfield-owned shopping malls, for the wireless carrier Optus, tailored Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone ads to one of a small subset of viewing audiences.

Quividi worked with BrandSpace, the specialist division of Scentre Group, the company which designed and developed? the?SmartScreen network, a?media portfolio of thousands of screens located?within 41 Westfield? living? centres in Australia and New Zealand. All?SmartScreens are equipped with Quividi’s video analytics platform.

For the launch of the S10, Quividi says in a case study,  Optus wanted to test how using Quividi’s Audience & Campaign Intelligence Platform to optimize the targeting of a Digital Out of Home message to various demographic audiences would help increase shoppers’ engagement across Westfield living centres in Australia.  

Serving targeted messages created higher engagement and cut-through. But what made this campaign a first-of-a-kind for Australian DOOH industry was its extra use of data science to gather unique insights that let Quividi deeply analyze all the audience dynamics, and attribute effects of the contextualized content strategy on-brand engagement and in-store behaviour. 

Quividi DOOH findings

Key findings:

There is a full case study available from Quividi, which goes into things like the testing methodology. You need to register to download, but is free (I think).

This is interesting for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s not terribly common for brands to share test results. A lot of it happens, but most brands aren’t all that keen to instruct competitors about efforts that work. In this case, the network operator is presumably eager to let other brands know that its screens are impactful and measured.

Second, this was a pretty rigorous study with a control group, etc. Sometimes I see results that are really interesting, but are a sample of one site – not enough to draw broader conclusions.

There is also a sponsored editorial piece about the results on this site

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