400-Plus Dual Outdoor Screens Positioned Around Riyadh For Saudi Culture Fest

November 18, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The Saudi government used more than 400 custom dual-sided outdoor LCD screens to drive public awareness of events surrounding Riyadh Season – one of a series of cultural festivals staged around the country to attract tourists.

Developed by Saudi-based Faden Spectrum Optoelectronics – a digital signage solutions provided based in Riyadh – the screens are LED-lit high-bright LCDs that have built-in air conditioning units and special anti-glare glass. AC and anti-reflection glass would be pretty much the only way display units could survive the thermal heat load of that country, and cut through the bright sunlight. The units are rated for up to 50 degrees C, which is 122 F, or in simple terms, insanely hot.

The display totems also ship with WiFi, bluetooth beacons, and pattern detection-ready cameras. Along with driving awareness, spots on the screens also supported event sponsors.

Faden says the displays were completely designed in Riyadh, but contract-manufactured in Shenzhen. The project was designed, shipped, and installed at eight special zones around the 3,000 event “Riyadh Season” in less than 60 days. 

Saudi DOOH screen

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