Now The Kinetic Coke Board Has Modules Stuck In Place

November 13, 2019 by Dave Haynes

It is not my life’s work to detail the ongoing woes of a global brand’s Times Square ad display, but the Coca-Cola LED board in NYC is endlessly interesting.

Last week, there was a maintenance crew doing something or other at the display that no longer does mechanical shape-shifting.

On Tuesday, a reader grabbed some shots that suggest whoever runs the screen is having a crack at trying to get the slider-drawer thingies that move LED cabinets in and out to work once again. AND SOME OF THEM ARE STUCK …

This was just a bad idea from the start, but trying to get something working again in New York, in November, is a clear sign of madness.

On Monday, at the other end of Times Square, a giant LED board was showing a rippling US flag to honor veterans on Veteran’s Day. It looked three-dimensional, and it was all done in the creative.

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