Low Rez LEDs Make Big Visual Impact At Revitalized Montreal Office Block

November 13, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I think there is pretty widespread affection for the idea of energizing a building lobby with an LED-filled feature wall, but equally widespread horror at the cost of doing that.

Some of the projects that have been done to date – like the work in the lobbies of Salesforce and Netflix – are amazing visually, but would have cost some serious, serious coin.

Fine pitch direct view LED, at least the stuff from mainstream, quality vendors, is going to cost well into six and even seven figures.

But fine pitch is not the only way to make something visually interesting on a grand LED scale. New York’s ESI Design has done some stunning work by pairing low rez LED with diffusion films. And then there’s this piece I just came across, done for a revitalized office block in Montreal by the design/tech agency Float4 (which is based in Montreal).

Lit up two years ago, Float4 collaborated with design firm Bluespace on the Light Wall, and interactive wall of 67,000 pixels that reveals the landmarks of the city: like the St. Lawrence River, the Olympic Stadium and Habitat 67.

The details about it are limited, but Float4 has a long history of using sensors to affect content, so I suspect that’s what happens with this lobby display.

Full color, HD visuals and strong creative make for amazing lobbies in buildings that companies therefore want to lease space in. But this shows very interesting work can be done on a tighter budget – as single color, low-rez LED cabinets like those used here would be a fraction of the cost.

This is a video about the building. I couldn’t find a dedicated video about the creative, but there are numerous glimpses at the job in this one.

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